We live in a generation of emotionally weak men and emotionally confused women. amirite?

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Dude I love saying stuff that means nothing too

@Tanmoykayesen Dude I love saying stuff that means nothing too

How many cherries fit in a banana if you know that a cow can drink 10l of water?

@dankXD Thursday. Definetly thursday.

The only legit reply would be "a wallnut".

How could you not get it? It was a simple YES or NO question...

Why are women emotionally confused? Or men emotionally weak?

Emotionally suppressed men

this person thinks they "live" lol.

We truly live in a generation shakes head

We blame everything we do on something else... We cant admit were emotional wrecks

The problem is the 1960s radicals who are now the establishment are teaching women that they’re men and they’re teaching men to be passive feminine wimps.

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