Teachers are giving students advice about the real world, yet teachers have zero experience with life outside of school, amirite?

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You know that Teachers don't permanently live at school right?

@Larny2019 You know that Teachers don't permanently live at school right?

I am say their whole entire lives involved either going to school or working at school. They don't know life of the working world.

I'm going to disagree here, teachers are people and so are children, everyone has their life experience to guide them.

Hello. I'm a teacher. I've lived in 4 states, worked abroad in 3 countries for almost ten years, had a variety of jobs since I turned 14, and earned 2 undergraduate degrees and a master's degree.

I've had plenty of teachers who transitioned from industry to education.

Teachers work with vulnerable kids, angry parents from all kinds of social classes, and these days even struggle to make rent. That's all the "real world" stereotypes I've heard in one lol

Sweetheart, teachers are some of the most savage partiers I have ever met. They have more life experience than they'll ever let you know.

Hard disagree.

Do you think that teachers are grown in a lab at school and then live out their lives there, without any interaction outside of their students?

Um.. you think teachers live in school, maybe grew up there.. sleep at the desk.. that sort of thing?

This sounds like something a frustrated middle manager would say

Why would a teacher have zero experience with life outside school?

You know they leave the school?

You sound like someone who doesn't have any experience with ife outside of school

Pretty much every middle or high school teacher I had back in the day had a side hustle or a 2nd job

Lol. That's a pretty immature statement, you don't think teachers have actual lives outside of work?

Teachers have to go to college most of the time, which means life outside of school. And they also have continued education, and family's..

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