It should be embarrassing for the dems to take credit for the peace after the election ... All the reports that trump supporters are bad losers... Its all the opposite, its bizzaro world. Many independents are happy Biden won because his supporters would take over and burn more cities... We are sleeping with psychopaths and this moring was the first day we woke up next to a smile, amirite?

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Well, the way its going with the voting fraud they're finding, it might not be so long before they're crying again.

Fake news is playing with the emotions of their sheep, telling them Sleepy
Joe has already one.
This way, when the voter fraud is eliminated and Trump legally wins, it'll be easy for fake news to whip their sheep into a frenzy.
Sen Graham Evidence Of People “Registering After They Died & Voting After They Died” In PA
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Sen Cruz Software That Switched Trump Votes To Biden Is Used Throughout MI & “Needs To Be Examined”
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