People who insist the election was rigged but won't provide any hard evidence other than "my Grampa's coworkers daughter's sister's boyfriend says he saw the violation of ballots" basically can't handle the fact Trump lost. They literally think he is so perfect, there is no way anyone could've have voted against them and no way he lost. What a sad world. amirite?

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Look for yourself, it's out there, you lazy sack of excrement.
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@DandyDon Look for yourself, it's out there, you lazy sack of excrement...


"I lost and cant provide hard evidence. but its true!!!11!!!!"


@DandyDon Not wasting my time, carry on with your butthurt.

Ah, its official.

There was just as much hard evidence for fraud as there was for Obama;s supposedly fake birth certificate.

Exactly none.

Keep crying fraud. I love hearing the trump snowflakes ruffle up their trailer parks.

@DandyDon No worry with me, I'm just waiting.

No evidence on either issue?

Thank you for cementing that. The longer I wait, the more obvious. Thank you!!

@DandyDon No problem.

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Thank you! And thank you for.providng content for my blog. I've been showing my readers in Europe perfect examples of allegations consistently not backed with hard proof, as part of the cult here. You have been excellent! Keep praying, but don't stay too long out in the cold!

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