The rabid right use poorly photoshopped memes to make a point. Laughable. amirite?

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Right again, ole pal! Umm...except for all the dumb assed opportunities we had to actually get the REAL Joe Biden making a total ass hole of himself by saying shit like "Trunaluminuprzz" Oh, c'mon man!!! You know the thing....Where the hell am I?.....Fucking classic!biggrin smilie

I'm trying to give you idiots some real news, the stuff your fake news wont show you.
Try watching it and maybe you'll start blaming MSM for constantly feeding you bullshit, instead of blaming, the Russians and all of that other nonsense....

Or just bitch and moan and keep lapping up the same crap they feed you and kiss their feet.

Christina Bobb: Trump won. And the media lost its mind.
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