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Yes buses are so stupid. Only libtards ride on them. There should be millions more motors spread out across this great country running at all times 24/7. We love our gas guzzling motors let's prove it !! It's god's will let's pollute the fuck out of this world !! We can do it !! Give a hoot let's fuckin pollute !! Stop the Steal !! Go Trump !!

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Like Andrew Wilkow says, “Socilaism is for the people, not the socialist.”

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I guess one idiot, is as good as the other, to fool sheep out of their money.

He'll probably come up with some bullshit, that wearing masks will help climate change and putting diapers on cows.

If things keep going the way they are so far, we wont have to worry about , useless John Kerry or Beijing Biden.
Twitter Panics & Censors Sidney Powell Court Filing Links Exposing Massive Fraud
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