We are majorly made of carbon, so we are technically made of diamonds too, as they are nothing but compressed carbon. amirite?

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A car is mostly metal

A cannon is mostly metal

Therefore cars are made of cannons

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We are the universe, we are all stardust, we've traveled the galaxies and now in this carbon vessel, how lucky are we? The odds of being born into this life, your life, into our own physical beings is 1/400trillion. Everyone plays the lottery everyday with better odds than that and they don't even realize that they've already won when the odds were stacked against them. Such a finite existence and only is it realized to late that it's the simple things in life! We are all so lucky to be here in this universe, in this moment of time.

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All diamonds are carbon, not all carbon is a diamond

This is one of those "every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square"

In other words, you have it backwards

That's like saying a forest is a house.

Shine on you crazy diamond!

Not really. There is very little pure carbon in our bodies; the vast majority is in chemical compounds. You might as well have said CO2 gas is technically made of diamonds.

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