Greenpeace is unreliable source of information, amirite?

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One of the most difficult journeys in life is critical thinking and going back to reevaluate sources, people, ideologies, and "facts" you accepted as reliable, relevant and true when you were younger. Personally, I accepted greenpeace as a reliable source of information because I was pro-environment and pro-animal rights. This makes sense.

Except, somewhere along the lines greenpeace unfortunately has strayed. Greenpeace is now a conspiracy theory pseudoscience website.

"Overall, we rate GreenPeace a Left Biased moderate Pseudoscience website based on not always supporting the consensus of science regarding GMOs. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting for the same reason." mediabiasfactcheck retrieved 12/29/2020.

Rationalwiki has a fair explanation of what's going on at Greenpeace.

"In general, Greenpeace's modus operandi can be characterized as "act first, do the science later." While their actions are well-intentioned, this is not always the best approach. It has caused the organization to remain committed to a few positions of very dubious scientific credibility. " retrieved 12/29/2020

This actually sounds like me when I first joined this website. Act first, do the science later, well-intended but I took on some positions of very dubious scientific credibility. Greenpeace even destroyed GMO crops.

"Exactly 20 years ago, 28 Greenpeace activists were acquitted of criminal damage after destroying a field of genetically-modified (GM) maize on a farm in Norfolk." By Orla Moore and Zoe Applegate BBC NewsPublished20 September

All in all I would avoid Greenpeace altogether. There are plenty of environmental issues to fight for, mostly climate change. You do not need pseudoscience to fight for justice. I recommend watching the documentary inconvenient truth by Al Gore and John Cook's skeptical science, in lieu of greenpeace.

At best Greenpeace helps combat climate change denial. At worse the psuedo-science could encourage all natural worldviews including anti-vaccine. Hopefully in the future Greenpeace will change for the better and respect science.

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