You have probably walked over a dead body that's underground. Double the odds if you live at any place that had many wars, like israel, for example. amirite?

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Grew up in Salem, Ma...I don't even wanna know who I accidentally stepped on

Way better than walking over a live body that's underground.

Or Italy.

In my hometown, in Greece, in a schoolyard that I used to play and hang out, lots of dead bodies are burried underground, form the time of world war 2, when the Germans came and they buried the bodies of people that were sick of a disease that spread throughout the town. Sometimes they were alive when buried.

Also my university campus is literally the graveyard of jews people. They burried them there and after some time they built the universities in the area.

Most people have been to cemeteries

@Mrtechnohawk Most people have been to cemeteries

I mean like a body that is unmarked. Maybe there are bodies buried under your house, you never know.

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