There was probably a dentist on the Death Star when it blew up. Poor dentist. amirite?

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Weren't they mostly British on the death star?

Well yes but actually yes

Teeth require a forceful extraction...

Medical work was done by droids.

Probably, yes, and probably lots of support staff and contractors just trying to make a living.

Didn't they have droids to do surgery? Probably dentists were also droids.

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Yeah, but do you know how much they paid that dude? I mean, he had to work on Vader's teeth, so like a million Imperial dollars a month. Yeah the dentist is dead but his old lady back home is VERY well off!

I mean, it was the size of a small moon. So I think there were like.. 500,000 people on there or some large amount of peoples. A dentist was most likely on there though you're right.

Dentist on the Death Star treating a patient: "The novocaine should have taken effect now. This won't hurt a bit."

Dentist leans in with his drill as his patient anxiously waits for the drill's contact with the tooth.

Death Star explodes

They prolly have the medical machine do that

Darth Maular

By sheer statistical probability there were probably some pedophiles, too...so, yay Death Star explosion, I guess.

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