Perhaps there's no need to compare which country is the greatest country on earth. There's no prize awarded to the greatest country anyway. amirite?

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The prize is a political divide. America doesn't have a military rival so they're just fighting themselves

Sounds like you're from a lame country.

@Highvaluedaygame Sounds like you're from a lame country.

Yes. Australia. The lamest country on earth with spiders and snakes all over the roads and shopping malls.

@Highvaluedaygame Sounds like you're from a lame country.

Yea he's definitely not from America... America would have spat him out by now

I mean I hope there isn't a finish line either.. unless thats just us coming together.. like not under dictatorship...

Favorable terms in negotiations, for one.

It's because people seem to cling to the concept of only one "thing" can be right, so everything else is wrong.

When really, there are many right and wrong things.

The prize is more people trying to take the title

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