Given all his combat training, Keanu Reeves might actually be a valuable asset in an insurrection. amirite?

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Shhh, dont blow his cover!

Most actors don't find martial arts acting to translate well to real fighting

Combat training? Cool story bro.

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +6Reply

There are no scenarios where Keanu Reeves is not a valuable asset.

Training needs to be reinforced every day. You don't just do a training course and become competent.

itsskyways avatar itsskyway Yeah You Are +4Reply

Well he probably does have stunt doubles

His power level truly is... breathtaking...

True ! That man is GOD level when it comes to shooting !

@Tldfonat True ! That man is GOD level when it comes to shooting !

Are you implying that Keanu actually kills the stuntmen on the sets?

XdJackiebois avatar XdJackieboi Yeah You Are +4Reply
@monsterallergies Have you seen the training he had to do for the role?

...no... but I did read some interviews on it (like everyone who heard about John Wick)

Shooting at a range isn't really the same as training.

If he was constantly doing force on force with simmunitions maybe.

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