Why would government step in... It seems many people thought gamestop was going to declare bankruptcy, some how people invest money against gamestop hoping they will go under, but "other "people have saved their beloved company, costing fat ass investors 5000000000 dollars...cry me a river you fucking losers... amirite?

They will stop "Investors using the stock market as their own personal casino" thats what it is ...people are dumb....the socialist are tring to confiscate the stock market

The White House Is Monitoring The GameStop Stock Situation; AOC And Elizabeth Warren Weigh In - GameSpotThe situation surrounding GameStop's stock price has caught the attention of Biden's White House.https://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-white-house-is-monitoring-the-gamestop-stock-market-situation/1100-6486813/
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Most people ( the poor ones) couldnt give a fuck about how much is lost on the stock market... This "everyone wins" country has forgotten that by someone losing that money means someones else has earned it..the money cant be lost... Lost like disappeared???

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It wasnt real in the first place... It wasnt something you could cash out on right? Something that never exsitised cant disappear

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The 5000000000 against was real...i can tell that much


Is this what conversation is like??? I forget

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