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Personally, I am unsure. On one level these are the avant grande. We need inspiration in order to work hard and keep this society going. I see these CEOs as heroes and the rest of as lazy losers.

Ceos work very hard for their money and should be rewarded. That even during a pandemic that people can thrive is evidence in support of capitalism being the best form of government. Any attempt to seize the wealth from the CEOs and redistribute is communism and destroys the motivation.

On the other hand I am nervous about the concentration of wealth and power. The potential for abuse of power and exploitation of those less powerful is high. Wealth has diminishing returns. That somebody who has a fleet of cars benefits less than somebody with no car when they receive a car.

I'm just not seeing upward mobility in the lower and middle class right now. In conclusion, I am undecided I do not know.

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