England should become a U.S. State now that Boris Johnson had once expressed his interests in the UK becoming a State. & he still does. & now that President Biden is planning to grant DC Statehood & even for Puerto Rico, he certainly would consider allowing the UK to become a State, no matter if it wants to be a Republican State. As would the Senate, now that the Senate is run by Democrats. & Biden is a Democrat too. It would also be interesting to have a State on the other side of the Atlantic, in Europe.
UK is becoming 51st state of America under Tories, claims SNP MP

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Senile old Joe would never go along with that.
Dumb as he is, even he would never want another state with a population larger than CA... Nancy would lose her majority in the House, and she would scream bloody murder.

@Toounknown No thanks

Did you forget why america was form

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