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There are alot of people who pay taxes and live on an unpaved road... I m all for free schools and hospitals, but when you dont pay you get shitty ones

I would gladly privately fund my own retirement, Medicare, schools, etc., if I could keep the money already being coerced from me through taxation.
I am not rich enough to pay double, so the suggestion that I forego the low-quality benefits I have been forced to pay for is absurd.  The thieving politicians have left me no choice.

There is no such thing as “your truth”. Truth is truth. Truth isn’t defined by the individual like Oprah suggests. That’s a leftist fantasy. 2+2=4. It isn’t 4 because you want it to be. And as far as libraries are concerned, the internet and capitalism has made them relatively obsolete. Now, they’re simply places where smelly homeless people meet. And they usually don’t read books. So no, I don’t have to “shut up” because we have things in our society built by socialists. And people are trying to get their children out of government schools. They simply aren’t fighting to get them in them. You apparently are confusing that with Washington D.C. where minorities are fighting to put their children in private schools by lottery. They aren’t trying to get them into government schools. The socialists are forcing parents to put their children in these failing schools while preventing alternatives. Nice flip. I see what you did there. Your post is a fail on so many levels.

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