Whenever you think your writing is bad, just remember somewhere there is a teenager writing Harry Potter fanfiction. amirite?

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And they may be writing better than you are.

I've gotta say a few of the best stories I've ever read were fanfiction written by teenagers. It wasn't Harry Potter, but I think the point stands

remembering the notebook that I wrote all that erotic Harry Potter fanfiction

Somewhere out there, JK Rowling is writing Harry Potter fan fiction.

There's an adult writing Harry Potter fanfiction

At least they are writing something.

Bruh, let people enjoy their hobbies in peace if they aren't harming things.

@mkfireman Eragon

Eragon in and of itself was a StarWars fan fiction

And most of that fanfiction will be better than the shlt that flew out of the mouth of a former president. Let that sink in.

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