Remember when the nurses and doctors were crying during the pandemic , even though that was what their great pay and benifits were for... Meanwhile if one mcdonalds employee complained they would be fired... Further more.. With no cure, the only thing that saves you from covid is your own perserverence and physical condition...so what are nurses acctually doing??? Fact: more people survived Covid staying at home then at hospitals which were pointness...so stop thanking " frontline line" worthers" stop thanking dr fauci...they did nothing.. Thank yourself , u are the only reason you survived, amirite?

Then there are the people who flaunt their dead loved ones as trophies of proof, thinking that this proof of death will show me how wrong i am and dangerous covid really is... Sorry but it does not surprise me that these evil hospital cartels would let people die just to prove that their barbaric methods are required... Any red blooded american knows that no doctor has the right to shoot chemical in your arm, sorry other countries with dictators , u must obey, but not us Americans..we have rights

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