If Tinkybell wants to sound cool with her poems, she should atleast use the proper number of syllables. A lot of her poems don't sound great when spoken out loud and it defeats the purpose of her insults. amirite?

98%Yeah You Are2%No Way
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She'll probably put one in now... hopefully with nice rhyming this time though. Looking forward to it!

You have only proved that you are not able count, nor do you understand the meter of limericks.   hello smilie
So for your poetical edification (not that lefties are known for ever having learned anything), here is another limerick... with the syllables that should be stressed in CAPS. hehe smilie
There ONCE was an INternet SOCK,
Whose FOOLishness CAME as no SHOCK:
A FAILure at COUNTing,
More SO at surMOUNTing
The FOG of the LEFT-leaning BLOC.

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