Hey Righties... Wanna show us a recent democratic politician elected after saying they will execute their opponents?.. No?... Crickets... I see. Thanks! amirite?

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Your " side " shot a woman dead..judge, jury , executioner...why dont you possess the empathy for justice

@Toounknown Fuck the police except this one


A woman who stormed the building with mob of people with guns?

If someone was storming at you amongst a crowd with weapons....

Do you not have the right to defend yourself?


@Toounknown I am not paid to protect civilians..sadly niether are capital officers

You must not be American.

In America, every one, cop or not, has the right to physical defend themselves from others bent on hurting them.

That retard of a woman shouldn't have been a part of a mobbing hooligans if she didn't want to be harmed.

@Toounknown Unbelievable

You must not be American

in America, anyone, cop or not, has the right to defend themself with force if a mob with weapons was coming towards them.

@Toounknown Your saying Floyd should have been shot too


But of course you retards expect one side to be better protected than others. Sigh.

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