If a hawk dies while trying to grab its prey, it dies in a skydiving accident. amirite?

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I have a bird feeder hanging off of a column on our back porch. It was cold the other day and a little bird of some sort was huddled up in the feeder (it is basically a small hollowed-out log). I was on the phone with my son, drinking warm tea and telling him about this tiny bird when a hawk dropped in out of nowhere, snatched the bird up quick as a wink and was gone. The feeder barely shook, just one single feather from the little bird waving in the wind...and my sons ears ringing with his mother yelling "HOLY SH%&!"

no it will be driving accident bc he's going into water not to land on a land

@Nickyikky then it will be a landing accident

That's like saying if a car drives into a pole the person driving had a pole accident.

Simple, we give them parachutes.

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