Critics think that they are just giving their own courteous opinion, when in fact- they judge against others over their opinions. Critics are irrational and argumentative when the other disagree. Opinions are without rudeness, arguments, judgement, sarcasm or demands. Opinions are not wrong or lies. So if we need opinions, it doesn't mean we want criticism, amirite?

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Are u giving an opinion or are you critizing my criticism...

It seems immature to have a personal opinion and not expect to be criticized... Opinion is a bullshit word anyway, an opinion is the unknown... It only exsists where there is no know fact or truth... I hope you dont take your opinion too seriously because luckily you can and will change it

"Opinions are not wrong or lies."
If I am of the opinion that the moon is made of green cheese, it may not be a lie that that is my opinion, but my opinion in that case is quite surely wrong (i.e., incorrect in a factual sense).
And yes, some opinions can also be wrong in the sense of being harmful if they are acted upon.  I'm sure you can think of a few.

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