Why dont we treat the druglords in south america like the warlords in Africa... Its called ethnic cleansing in Africa in south America its called business... What im saying is america should have invaded south america long ago ...but i feel americas laws against drugs are costing millions of innocent south americans lives...drugs being legal would drestroy all these drug gangs without a fight....but clearly north America wants south america to remain the lawless drug wasteland it is because the governmet ( employees) are probably making a huge profit of selling drugs to america, amirite?

The police arrest the american people for buying a product that is suppost to be unavailable ...every bag of dope in america is the polices fault..its a sign of their falure... Police should get fined not american civilians, because police are suppost to protect us from the temptation by keeping drugs off the street

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Its like punishing people for buying pepsi but then leaveing the pepsi factory down the street alone

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