Covid - a extremely easily passed disease that is airborne where you cover your mouth to prevent transmission...but for some reason doctors feel the need to inject it directly into your bloodstream with a terror inducing shot .. If doctors cared we would be able to inhale the vaccine, but they just want the easy way, amirite?

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Yo in obviously have zero clue as you what you are talking about. The vaccine does not introduce the SARS/Covid-19 virus into your system with the vaccine.

@Toounknown Really..how does a vaccine work then???

I’m not an expert but I know enough to know that they don’t inject you with the live virus. If they did, you would get it. You don’t get the disease with the vaccine.

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@Toounknown You are injected with A virus..maybe not technically THE covid virus but still a virus

A dead virus. That’s not the same as saying they inject you with the live virus which is what you did.

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