We live in an age where some girls prefer to let strangers see her genitals before they see her face. amirite?

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Because we also live in an era where people will use the internet to stalk / humiliate / harass these girls if they can be identified

We have never cared unless you could connect the two. People who see one don't get to see the other.

The guy is probably going to be excited no matter what the genitals look like. Whereas she probably thinks her face is ugly. It's easier to be confident about your vagina than your face.

To be fair, Men did this too

It's easier to identify a face than it is a poon

We live in an age where some men send women pictures of their penises, unsolicited and completely unwanted, and don't show their faces.

This is all the side effects of clothes.. To be shocked by a close up of genitals is immature..unless your a minor, but strangely most people start sending nudes as minors...its it can be a modern" rite of passage" ... But to be a human adult and surprised by nude pictures ,means your not ready for public interaction ..nude pics are easy ways to find out the character a person has, if u dont like u can easily avoid them... But im sure there are people you would LOVE to send you nudes...sadly as with life , its never who you want

Some people are butter faced

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