You can picture a white void, and a black void, but you can never picture a colorless void. amirite?

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You can't picture no nothing either.

Darkness is without color

What? Isn't white the absence of color? Guys I'm 30 so if I'm wrong about this, please let me know.

If you're picturing a white or black void your void has a quality and is therefore not void. You cannot picture a void. Or rather, you're picturing a void when you're not picturing anything.

Did you know completely blind people see nothing?! Not black not red or white, nothing. The best I've heard in explained is when you're sleeping you see nothing

White is colorless

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@ChootEmChootEm Black is the absence of color.

Black is all colors absorbed, but not reflected

@tonywonderslostnut Black is all colors absorbed, but not reflected

Thus the absence of color. Black is what we see when there is nothing to see.

Unless you wanna argue about opacity of materials. But that's just materials that allow the light spectrum to pass through them and don't absorb or reflect.

My left brain got stuck trying to picture

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