Most media represent ‘future sight' wrongly; e.g rather than seeing a future version of yourself being shot and then altering your actions to avoid it in the present, you would actually see yourself avoiding the bullet in the future, and then mimic the action accordingly (a self-fulfilling prophecy) amirite?

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Once you had seen yourself getting shot and began to take steps to avoid it in the future, only _then_ would the vision change to you avoiding said bullet.

Unless the future is fixes and unavoidable. Whatever you do is going to lead to that deadly bullet.

Avoiding the place you think it will happen only leads to the place it was always meant to happen. Trying to kill yourself or the shooter beforehand will always fail, and might be the reason why someone wants to shoot you in the first place!

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Or they are just portraying the future that would have been if the future sight was not used

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