A dog may very well be the only thing that will ever offer you unconditional love, amirite?

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Anyone else love dogs? They're like the love denominator

All love is conditional, you likely feed the animal, that in itself is a condition.

A condition the animal has no awareness of, but see how happy and loving a starving dog is... actually scratch that, don't try to see that at all. But you get the point.

I love dogs but "unconditional love" doesn't exist. they love you because you feed them and provide a shelter

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Yep, then they quit.

@NeutralPheede Yep, then they quit.

Indeed. Apparently, unconditional love requires animal intelligence or being a parent. 😆 We keep loving, even when our children become obnoxious teenagers that hate our guts.

God's love is unconditional.

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