A website will use cookies to take your data to improve your advertisements... As if all we care about is advertisments, use that data to improve your website, you assholes, not sell us things... We dont need an algorithm to figure out what i need , if i just did a search for that very product, so what are cookies really doing.. Nothing... So stop asking me , i never want cookies, who would??? amirite?

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DuckDuckGo and ad blocker.

beachbums avatar beachbum Yeah You Are -2Reply
@beachbum DuckDuckGo and ad blocker.

Its like ,if you care enough about me to steal my data, you would know enough about me to remove your cookies...however its not about me, is it??

beachbums avatar beachbum Yeah You Are -3Reply

But I like cookies especially right out of the oven 🙄

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Yeah You Are -2Reply
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