If your STILL unemployed ,your part of the problem, amirite?

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How do you figure that?

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@dru18 How do you figure that?

Your refusal to work will drain the economy of service jobs .. Mcdonalds will soon be a luxury . if you are lucky enough to afford the future inflation of meals like Mcdonalds the ridiculously long wait will ruin any enjoyment you once got from " fast food" ...not because the workers are lazy, but the good, hard working employees they manage to keep are simply exhausted and less and less willing to put up with the masses who refuse to work, so they must eat at mcd
onlads and walmart....so more unemployed people are exhausting the hard workers and the only places the unemployed can afford.. Mcdonalds and walmart, ironically where they should be applying for a job and not spending money

You took my comment down.

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@Toounknown I dont know how to do that

the well off are also a problem...when they expect service but have no clue what a days work is... Everybody wants the cheapest deal AND the best service... Or money with no work.... Either way someone is being taken advantage of

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