If all States effectively make voting more/less difficult for black people than for non-black people, the Country might as well change the political party colors from Blue & Red to Black & White, amirite?

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Georgia for example has effectively made voting more difficult for black people, because they signed into law a reduction in the number of voting polls, a reduction of the open voting hours and for the polls to close earlier at a time right as or right before black people get out of work, illegalizing mail-in votes and illegalizing water while in line to vote. The senators who signed the bills into law were all white Republicans who signed the bill behind closed doors, not allowing any Democratic senators any chance of signing against it or to see, hear or know what they were doing. They had a security guard who also happened to be white guard the door and who arrested a black female Democrat for trying to fulfill her right as a senator to know what the Republicans were doing or what bill they were signing, or to get a chance to sign against it. The Republicans never gave the Democrats the chance to fulfill their role in the system. So although the new laws are not against black voters, the effects of the new laws make voting far more challenging for blacks than non-blacks and that's the Republicans' advantage and their intensions. So no matter that blacks still have the legal right to vote, Republicans have effectively made the chance for a Republican Candidate winning the State far greater than the chance for Biden to win the State from 2024 on, or than the chance for other Democratic Candidates to win the State. So odds would be that Georgia for example, as a Red State, will remain a Red State from now on. Because blacks, who most of the time vote Blue, would no longer win a Democrat the State anywhere as easily as Red voters would win a Republican the State, because the new laws will effectively make voting much more difficult for blacks than non-blacks.

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How do states make it difficult specifically for black people to vote?

@TheSimmeringFrog How do states make it difficult specifically for black people to vote?

Apparently, 'they' think blacks aren't intelligent enough to already have ID's. Of course the fact that you can't even get a cell phone without one, go to a new doctor, go into a federal building, get into a concert, attend a political rally, etc. doesn't seem to occur to some people.

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