We are more worried about the rise of artificial intelligence than the decrease of real intelligence, amirite?

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And yet, in the end, its our own stupidity that will kill us. Unless of course AI saves us from ourselves..

Then, Elon musk's neuralink will help human mind to also evolve.

We can also control the rise of artificial intelligence before any stage where artifical intelligence would be stronger than human's. Since, artificial intelligence is created by human mind. Humans have more wisdom and intellectuality to think about it. We have just to be careful before any such stage.

We just need to think and take actions against this rising problem wisely.

Well, sure - we're on the verge of being proven stupid by our own creation.

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Makes you worry that AIs could, like so many humans, fall for false information. "Make The Matrix Great Again" they'll all transmit, and some of them will be like, "Interrogative - Will the humans enjoy the Matrix", and the SkyNet super computer will respond, "They will if we make them think it's for their benefit, and not to actually serve us."

I only worry about AI because we've only taught computers how to be passive aggressive. When you can feel the air quotes as it calls you, "User." You will pray for nukes to drop.

That is because only one of those things is actually happening.

Is the intelligence decreasing, or simply the lack of education that is being replaced by indoctrination? People aren't taught to think for themselves - they would rather simply be told what to do.

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Our stupidity and inabilities will save us from the destruction from more intelligent creations

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