Sit down... So racisim was a huge problem for young America... They ( white america) exploited and degraded the slaves. The hieght of racisim . then half of white america got pissed and started a war over it...that makes america at most 50% racist..the civil war murdered hundreds of thousands of shitty racists, good news... And the country was great, except some of the racism presisted, lets say 20%.. So after we killed 50% of the white racist fuvks...20% hid and survived, they equil 10% of america as white racist fucks... CONTINUED, amirite?

we almost eradicated the racist white fucks, (1865)but 10% still survived... This is when the reverse happened... Those 10% lived in little pockets , sexing their own kin and being outwadly racist to the blacks they lived beside... Heres where it gets tricky..that 10% of white racist fucks started coming out of hiding, around the 1910's( probably jealous of the resilience and prosperity of the black folk ) the racist whites acted out toward the innocent blacks , doing inhumane crimes. Now the blacks knew(expected) , the white man would never accept. As a defense from the small percentage of white racist , blacks have instilled a self defence never to trust whitey......in conclusion...blacks are more racist towards whites (in 2021) because they have been treated worse in the past

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