people who hate tw's basically have a trigger warning for trigger warnings, amirite?

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I hate the idea of them. I've had traumatic experiences hell I'm diagnosed with ptsd but I don't sit in fear of every little thing that might remind me of what happened

@404ChompyNotFound honestly me too, but that only exists because some zoomers are softies

I mean there are some cases where it's so bad that it can trigger near psychotic episodes or complete disassociation but that mainly happens with like war vets and people who have killed people in self defense, I don't think anything the average trauma victim goes through has the capacity to be that bad. Certainly from my experience with it it doesn't, I just get a little uncomfortable when I see things that remind me of it and after a few seconds it's back to normal

But you never hear veterans bitching about not having a trigger warning

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@404ChompyNotFound well yeah, i'm referring to those who have a trigger warning over spilled milk

It's tragic that people claim to need a trigger warning over general household items like shavers and bleach I mean?? There's no trigger warning at the supermarket or at a friends house, you're gonna see these things anyway

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