A lot of Jedi duels would end quicker if somebody used the Force to pants their opponent, give them a wedgie, or just pull their robes over their heads. amirite?

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Would love to see that!

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But thats not the jedi way

In the words of great Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi:

"So uncivilized"

I'd use the force to tie their shoelaces together.

LITERALLY oh my gosh. Forget dicing and sautéing your wayward apprentice - just bully him with the Force XD

Or what if a jedi uses the force on his shoes and now they can fly

Happens in high school dxd (ecchi anime)

Theoretically Jedi have a force wall. It is very hard to use the force against another force sensitive being unless they are extremely weak (like Obi Wan who made up for it in hard work). This is why duels never end with who can withstand a force choke the longest.

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