Gates and Bezos could marry and become by far the richest couple, amirite?

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So would their power couple name be Gazos?

Yeah I agree and Elon musk should be their autistic step child.

More rich people worshippers.

@GnarlyStarwin Where?

I imagine their offspring, should they choose to adopt? I've a special place in my heart for my father.

Their ex wives could also

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Their prenup would be thicker than an omnibus spending bill.

Where my mind took me: Gates & Bezos = Pinky & The Brain. "We've finally taken over the world Pinky!"

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If you fuse Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos you could get either Elff or Muzkos

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If there are tax breaks for married people, they might just do.

By our powers combined!

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