The more order people have. The more they crave chaos. The more chaos people have. The more they crave order. amirite?

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People really want what they don't have

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The more dick OP mom sucks, the less of a thrill it is.

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Deviance is Normality

@teknogreek What? No.

The idea found in Durkheim that the amount of deviance remains relatively stable over time, refers to a number of different but interrelated aspects of his theory of society. ...

Crime is normal because a society without crime would be impossible. i.e. Deviance is Normality in this context.

Not referring to addiction, or sex. Which I feel you may have studied in Psych

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@Robisrael Deviance is surely normal, but it is not Normality, by definition lol

That would really depend on the exercise that implemented the test for screening what is deviant from what is normal.

Normality: expectedness as a consequence of being usual or regular or common

It is by definition in this context.

Yep. The grass is always greener. Humans be broken.

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