Although Facebook and Twitter continues to close accounts for misinformation and fake news, the continuation of hateful comments and replies by liars against people telling the truth are like a metaphorical virus on Facebook and Twitter, because no matter what truth you say/post, people now reply with rudeness like we're the crazy ones and now we can't get a word out without floods of hateful replies and then people who don't know which is true, tend to believe the last reply or believe the people who spread misinformation and fake news, making it hard to get the truth out, amirite?

Criminal Penalties for Spreading Fake News?Should a tech company be the arbiter of truth? Following the 2016 Presidential election, private as well as congressional investigations have uncovered efforts by foreign actors to manipulate the US elections by posting false information on social media outletshttps://lawshelf.com/blogentryview/criminal-penalties-for-spreading-fake-news/
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No one argrees on truth

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