If men or women wore clothing with playboy logos on it people wouldn't blink an eye, but if they wear one with a pornhub logo people will think they're odd. amirite?

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Because playboy has spent millions over the years making their logo a lifestyle brand that conjures romantic 60s Bondish martini and cigarette imagery, and pornhub gives their merch to talent who do hard-core fetishist videos. It's not much of a head scratcher

Playboy isn't hard-core porn is it? UK here so I've never seen inside one

Pornhub had a pretty dope summer clothing Collection years back

I was on Holiday just before the pandemic in Thailand and saw MANY people wearing Pornhub logo clothes.

More in a couple weeks than I have seen playboy logos in the last few years in fact.

pacsun sells clothing with the playboy logo

Playboy is classy naked ladies, not porn.

Because playboy has entered the "classics" category

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