When we were cavemen we most likely didn't cut off the umbilical cord, remove wisdom teeth, etc. Life must not of been fun. amirite?

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Thats actually how the first jump rope was invented. Cavekids picked it up and started skipping round the cave.

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the umbilical cord

That would fall off

@MikewithdeT But how would it be cut to begin with

Stone tools. Some of the earliest things we can find made by humans are stone tools.

No but they were free

Considering that a cat giving birth has the instinct to sever the umbilical cord, I'm sure that early man could figure it out.

Yeah cause those things are such fun

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The umbilical cord falls off by itself. The baby gets to keep absorbing from the mother outside the womb for a few days.

Wisdom teeth are meant to be worn down indefinitely like rabbit's teeth.

Itchy foreskin

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