People blame the police for other peoples actions. With all the fucking shootings going on yall need to recognize that cops ( who are just dumb humans ) reacting to you all ( who are just dumb humans ) ... This loss was caused by a criminal coward who cant handle tge jail time for a crime, so like a coward they run from justice and kill innocent bystanders in the process ... Sad that this confused girl who won a Pulitzer prize for finding justice for floyd doesnt know the difference between a hero and a coward, and cant admit that they are responsible for the outcome after breaking the law, amirite?

Darnella Frazier: Uncle of girl who filmed George Floyd murder killed by police car in accident | MEAWW'Another black man lost his life in the hands of the police!' Frazier wrote in a Facebook post identifying the innocent man as her uncle Leneal Lamont Frazierhttps://meaww.com/darnella-frazier-identifies-innocent-man-killed-during-minneapolis-police-pursuit-as-uncle-leneal?utm_source=smartnews&utm_medium=Referral
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