A person without a vaccine can NOT hurt a person with a vaccine, amirite?

The anti vaxx people are freaking out only because of your ignorance of vaxx facts..oh yeah its also a boostershot not a vaxx..you would think drs. would be professonal and call it by its scientific name, but vax is so much more trendier , then the truth

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The booster is important because antibody levels decrease over time and there is still a pandemic.


Furthermore, the boosters are targeted specifically to deal with the latest variant, omicron.


Think of people who are immune-compromised, in poor health, and the elderly. Surely, there is somebody you care about that you can protect by getting a booster?

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The covid-19 is a deadly communicable virus that has resulted in a pandemic. There have been over 200,000 vaccine preventable deaths in the United States for covid-19.


Though your title didn't specifically mention covid-19 so lets go with all the other communicable viruses. Flu, measles, mumps, rebuella, etc. There is mountains of proof that viruses cause harm.


Finally, vaccines did prevent 140k deaths.

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