No one is truly blind because they can see the darkness. amirite?

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You don't "see" darkness, as darkness doesn't exist. There is only the lack of light, without which, your retina can't send signals along the optic nerve.

It would be much more apt to say that everyone is blind, if there's no light to see by.

I think I turned blind now. Is my sentence spelled correctly?

I don't think that's how sight works. This might make a good quote for a misguided villain though.

No they cant, blindness isnt the same as closing your eyes, because the senses literally fail to work anymore.

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When I opened this up to see a ‘Hugz' awarded, I immediately imagined it as an "oh, honey…"

Not true.

I had a moment of temporary blindness twice in my life.

All I could see was white when it happened.

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I'll show my brother this, see what he thinks. Oh wait…..

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