Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were weird to them. amirite?

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Just one? That's a relief.

Lol me anytime I'm in public, I revile in making randos uncomfortable.

I hope so! Lol being remembered for my awkwardness is better then being forgotten about completely.

There's probably someone who misses you because you did something cute.

Legendnoel77s avatar Legendnoel77 Yeah You Are +10Reply

It's likely the only reason anyone would remember me.

...but they remember me.

swiggybabys avatar swiggybaby Yeah You Are +9Reply

probably a few tbh


GnarlyStarwins avatar GnarlyStarwin Yeah You Are +9Reply

Every stranger ...

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +9Reply

It's better when I am remembered by strangers for being kind.
That said, I can be a dick. I am more or less fluent in German and french, yet native English speaker. I enjoy going to a store that I don't frequent and going through the line, acting confused buying whatever. Yet I do it all speaking German.

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +8Reply

i hope I'm haunting someone in their dreams

Definitely, but context is everything.

Banana being chased by a Gorilla who's being chased by con security, Gencon 2016. I remember you.

I bet that cute cashier at Best Buy remembers the time I told her "You too." when she told me to enjoy Battlefield 3 when I bought it. 😖

@Tldfonat I bet that cute cashier at Best Buy remembers the time I told her "You too." when she told me to enjoy Battlefield...

A month ago I bought a scratchcard and the cashier (a girl same age as me) wished me good luck... I also said: "You too" 😂😅 Let's just pretend it never happened :D

@Tldfonat I bet that cute cashier at Best Buy remembers the time I told her "You too." when she told me to enjoy Battlefield...

When the front desk attendants at the gym tell me to have a good workout, I routinely tell them "you too." So don't worry, you are not alone.

Mcgee0s avatar Mcgee0 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Went to China about 20 years ago as a kid, and I ended up being dragged into a lot of locals/strangers photos because apparently I was a visible novelty with my super pale skin & light hair. Somewhere in China, I'm the random weirdo in the family album.

@Alixkast Went to China about 20 years ago as a kid, and I ended up being dragged into a lot of locals/strangers photos...

My friend had the exact same experience with her young daughter while visiting China a couple decades ago. The locals marvelled at her blonde hair, wanted to touch it and take pictures with her. It's a cute story, but I personally can't imagine being cool with a bunch of strangers taking so much interest in my kid.


Sidles closer. Can I be weird to you? No? Damn.

contextrips avatar contextrip Yeah You Are +6Reply

Like I didn't have enough anxiety, now I have this to dwell on

88080808088s avatar 88080808088 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Unlikely, people forget everyone and everything quite quickly. Most people never think about you ever, like at all. Your friends barely think about you when you're not around.

Larny2019s avatar Larny2019 Yeah You Are +6Reply

So many strangers.

I'm weird to everyone. So I mean… ya probably

But they do remember me.

fuisceges avatar fuiscege Yeah You Are +6Reply

My daughter is 2.5 years old and thinks she is a fantastic tickler because I might have exaggerated the effects a few times. Anyways…she goes up to other little kids, wiggles her fingers on their shoulders, and they eventually just get weirded out and wander off. Easily what I'm most proud of as a parent.

As someone who is always doing various difficult calculations out loud, tinkering with my steam punk gadgets, and singing along to my black eyed peas cds (yes I made a device that reads CDs but is the size of an ipod) I can guarantee you're right B)

I dislocated my jaw on acid and in fear I ran up to a jogger asking for help but I couldn't talk well, he was terrified and sprinted away.

Good times

This is probably most people who remember me tbh

Voluspacookies avatar Voluspacookie Yeah You Are +5Reply

I always think about how many people remember me that I don't remember and how many people I remember who don't remember me.

Or kind. Hopefully kind and not rude.

Ah, so everyone I've ever met

That is just what happens whenever I interact with people

Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

I think people will much more remember the dumb stuff they did, then the dumb stuff theyve Seen other people do.
When I See someone do something stupid I think "huh, thats weird" to myself and then completly forget about it.

Also people will more likely remember the weird Thing rather than the Person who did it

Strangers. College was a weird time.

capamericasurs avatar capamericasur Yeah You Are +4Reply

or maybe no

I don't have many strong memories of people being weird to me

That's why I act weird on purpose.

God I hope so, the only reason I get out of bed.

It's a compliment to say that I don't remmber you

Cheytuflyas avatar Cheytuflya Yeah You Are +3Reply

I wish I could know the story they tell about me

I'm confident that A LOT of stranger will remember that about me.

Ohowjuicys avatar Ohowjuicy Yeah You Are +2Reply
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