Putting down an animals that suffers is the "humane" thing to do, but in most cases humans with a condition that causes permanent suffering are kept alive as long as possible. amirite?

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My father, near the end of his battle with cancer, was suffering multiple organ failure and was not mentally fit to make final choices, so that power went to my mom. The dr said, would you like to talk about easing him into death? My mother said: do whatever you have to do to keep him alive long enough for me to get his next pension cheque. Needless to say, we have a strained relationship. (She wasn't hurting for money, I've supported her and paid her bills for years)

Two assumptions there:

1. It is humane to end an animal's life prematurely.
2. Humans are worth the same as animals.

Moral decisions are difficult.

Be careful that the is not bar so low that inconvenient people get killed unnecessarily.

It is _very_ important that it be difficult for humans to kill other humans.

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This is why i support the youth in asia!

Agree. If we are able to give that gift to our pets, we should be able to receive it for ourselves or give it to our loved ones.

I'm terrified of how painful my death will be. I genetically/statistically will die of cancer like almost all of my dead relatives. I regularly think about moving somewhere that would allow me to "die with dignity"

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Yep, we as a society don't think people know how to control their own lives, we let governments tell us how to live.

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And the latter is inhumane.

I think about this ALL the time. I'm sorry but if my quality of life is like some of the palliative patients I've seen, I just want to die.

Mind you, I don't have children yet so that may change when I have someone that I never want to say goodbye to.

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In Canada, one may ask to be medically euthanized if certain criteria are met.

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Yes, most of the time it's gross and wrong to let a human suffer too

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I say without any hesitation, those who ardently oppose Euthanasia for the "Ailing old" have almost invariably spent zero decades of their existence with their life in a holding pattern involving a prime candidate for euthanasia for the ailing old or chronically ill.

If the politicians and policymakers had to live my life for a year? They'd change their tune quite readily.

Speaking for me personally, I'm 35 with a very specific DNR on file in every hospital I'm likely to end up in, with a list of criteria in place that is pretty strict. I also have big plans for the day after my 62nd birthday. I will not be the cause for someone throwing their useful years away while I watch old movies, sleep, and eat food I did nothing to source.

It is largely because, unlike non-human animals, suffering is relative to individual humans, and humans can ensure a ridiculous amount of suffering to achieve certain goals, or see certain events come to pass. It is meaning and purpose that gives our life, and death meaning, which makes the line between mental illness driven suicide, and voluntary euthanasia a fuzzy one.

Look if im old & have diseases.
Please don't put me on life support.

Or if i have dementia. I don't want to lose my memories, i rather go and get myself made to a diamond(there's a service that uses dead humans to make into a diamond)

I suggest everyone have a living will or an advanced directive. Also, talk to your closest relatives about any lifesaving measures you might or might not want, should you face a medical situation where you have to be kept alive artificially.

@KilljoyX I suggest everyone have a living will or an advanced directive. Also, talk to your closest relatives about any...

I've made it clear that I want every horrifying invasive medical procedure possible to keep clinging to life past any point or purpose. I've got a ridiculous pain tolerance and something about spitefully and pointlessly enduring appeals to me.

Though I've made it clear to my partner that she's to ditch me in the hands of professionals if I ever develop dementia and become abusive or unkind. I have no desire to make her unhappy.

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@Achilles982 I've made it clear that I want every horrifying invasive medical procedure possible to keep clinging to life past...

Genuinely novel take, I like it. I don't think I would have ever come to this line of thinking on my own given a thousand lifetimes, so cool

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@KilljoyX I suggest everyone have a living will or an advanced directive. Also, talk to your closest relatives about any...

Doesn't help someone with a chronic, non-fatal condition that leaves them with no quality of life. Even in places with legal, assisted euthanasia, it only applies to someone who is diagnosed with a terminal condition and expected to die within a certain period of time.

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If anything humans should be euthanized rather that animals (not saying animals shouldn't, but if we could only pick one) because we can actually give consent.

ive never understood why humans do this

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Normally patients with terminal illnesses want to die but its the families that push them to try different treatments and not give up and i think thats pretty selfish, causing someone daily pain and denying them a peaceful death only because seeing them die will make you sad.

I was just thinking that the other day. Sad

Actually, a lot of people sign forms that say they aren't kept alive by machinery

I agree but we should treat humans the same way

@88080808088 I only assume you mean "shouldnt". ?:

If he meant should, it would technically be the kind thing to want.

@Dairyqueenemployee If he meant should, it would technically be the kind thing to want.

True but only if THEY want it. I mean I shouldn't be able to say "k, my dad's knees and back and lung are shot. Time to put the ol' man down"

I agree assisted dying should be expanded past just terminal illnesses.

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More idiocracy from those that we keep putting in charge. Literally no one I know says that humans should be made to suffer their deathly fate out, yet there's LAWS in many states that prevent euthanasia.

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Depends if you live in a country that offers these right to their citizens. Plenty offer euthanasia, unfortunately not enough.

I think most people feel like human beings are significantly more important than all of the other animals combined. Our laws, culture, art and just about anything else that relates to us in a cognitive level does not apply to animals in the same degree and I don't believe it ever will.

Animals don't have our level of self awareness and intelligence, so their suffering feels less impactful to society.

The burden of intellect

Because a lot of time the people making those decisions are their children/loved ones who are not ready to let them go.

Agreed but in Ireland dnr or send me off isn't allowed by law

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I work in a nursing home. Sometimes I feel barbaric, contributing to keep people alive with little quality of life. I just try to be kind and keep my patience. It's really all you can do.

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What's more, those humans can communicate their consent

But keeping people alive for the longest possible time generates maximum revenue for the health care industry. Literally enough money for a dozen Bezos.

Large companies/organizations don't make obscene amounts of money keeping your pet alive.

THIS^ 1000X exactly

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Yea but the difference between humans and animals is that we like animals more

I don't think that's true

Animals don't pay medical bills

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I think many people would keep their pets around as long as possible if they could, but it's a financial decision at a certain point.

Humans should also value humans more than other animals in a primal/instinctive kind of way..

But I get your point, OP.

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Peanut allergy people

@contextrip Peanut allergy people

People with allergies.... What?? I have a sibling with a peanut allergy and they live perfectly happy and healthy. They are not suffering. Almost every human has some type of allergy, be it severe or not, it definitely would not warrant euthanasia.

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People and animals aren't the same...

@GnarlyStarwin People and animals aren't the same...

People are animals. We are human mammals. Dogs, cats, bears, possoms, etc are non-human mammals.

We aren't special.

@ChootEmChootEm Why?

Ask your society

@bibbitybobbitybacon Ask your society

Are you our society ? Telling us humans are better than animals ?

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As someone with chronic illness, I think about this all the time.

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Horrible isn't it?

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