We have never drank 100% clean water in our entire lives, amirite?

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You wouldn't want to. It's harmful to touch deionized water in lab settings because it pulls the salts out of your skin (take a look at the hands of any old scientist and you'll see their hands look super old, because it was normal to wash laboratory dishes with DI water without gloves back in the day). I imagine drinking pure water would have similar impact.

So you mean distilled water?

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@capamericasur So you mean distilled water?

No fresh from the asteroids type of water

@Tldfonat No fresh from the asteroids type of water

Why do you think that asteroid water is fresh or clean? You could make your own by adding O2 and H...

For good reasons, 100% clean water (100% H20 with zero minerals and salt) will in fact kill you the more you drink since it draws the salt and minerals away from your body, leading to a perpetual thirst and death although these are used to clean things like circuitry and stuff

I'll take regular water that have been filtered to be safe enough to drink, gonna stay hydrated and healthy

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I have, straight from a chemical reaction, through a straw.

@Tldfonat Isnt that dangerous

You can say, but if it isn't in great amounts, then it isn't dangerous

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@Tldfonat Isnt that dangerous

Not all chemical reactions are dangerous and some that are can be in controlled environments

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@teknogreek I have, straight from a chemical reaction, through a straw.

if swallowing is the start of drinking, the moment it touch your mouth it's contaminated so sticking the straw straight into the stomach is better. But yeah, im just saying this for the sake of saying it XD

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If clean as in, pure water, then we'll die drinking a glass of that
Or if it's as in free of bad things, then it's very healthy
Either way I agree with you

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