If Psychics really existed, they could make a living off casinos, amirite?

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If psychics were real, they would never publicly display their psychic abilities…. They would use their super power in secret.

So maybe they do exist, but no-one claiming to he a psychic is one… ALL of those are conners bilking morons out of money. Stage magicians who are so bad at their trade they have to pretend it's real magic to imbeciles.

Frankly, the volume of people who believe magic is real is unnerving. No wonder society is on the verge of collapse. Magical thinking removes any onus to actually do anything of real value to better ourselves as a species.

Camperofjustices avatar Camperofjustice Yeah You Are +9Reply

How do you know they aren't doing that already?

Surfacess avatar Surfaces Yeah You Are +7Reply

I'd rather be poor than know what people at casinos are thinking

browndog888s avatar browndog888 Yeah You Are +6Reply

They would also be able to file their taxes in advance.

Dronwkuss avatar Dronwkus Yeah You Are +6Reply

People who win to much disappear.Its a big desert. You've never seen the movie "casino"?

Missannthropics avatar Missannthropic Yeah You Are +5Reply

Instead, they make a living off of gullible or desperate people.

They'd have a better go of it with the lottery and would really have to win once.

Voluspacookies avatar Voluspacookie Yeah You Are +4Reply

Yeah, it's weird how they never use their power for something truly useful, doesn't it?

HolgerSturms avatar HolgerSturm Yeah You Are +3Reply

I was saying it yesterday, it's weird psychics always work out of dingy storefronts or studio apartments

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