What is the Public Opinion on Covid-19 in Indonesia? This is the research, amirite?....

The Corona virus pandemic has so far spread to 210 countries including Indonesia. For Indonesia, this is a multidimensional challenge. The government and society are faced with various difficult decisions in the health, social, economic, and political sectors.

To record the public's perspective regarding the Covid-19 crisis in Indonesia, researchers from the Faculty of Communication Sciences (Fikom) Universitas Padjadjaran and Fikom Universitas Pancasila (UP) in collaboration with the Department of Empirical Media Research and Political Communication Technische, Universtät Ilmenau in Germany conducted joint research on the theme.

The purpose of this study is to look at public opinion about the Corona crisis in general and how the use of media in society can affect the formation of perceptions about the crisis. The survey instrument used by the research team in Indonesia and Germany uses a similar concept, but is adapted to the context of each country. This study uses a nationally representative survey method and data collection is carried out through a digital application implemented by Jakpat Mobile Online Survey Indonesia.

The data collection period was carried out on 27 April -18 May 2020 and reached 1100 respondents from all provinces in Indonesia. Several interesting things were found in this study. The survey results show that 87% of respondents feel that the Corona virus is dangerous to their health and 65% of respondents are afraid of contracting the virus which until May 19, 2020 yesterday caused the death of 1,191 people in Indonesia and more than 300,000 people worldwide.

In addition, this study found that the government's policy to limit the spread of the Corona virus by banning going home turned out to have the majority support. As many as 86% of respondents throughout Indonesia support the homecoming ban policy. This is an interesting thing considering that going home has become a social ritual for Indonesian people.
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It depends on the household...if they are a single worker they should do as they please, if they live with old parents; they should stay away...there is not one solution, everyone should do what's best for themselves ( or the ones they care about( [[ if they have anyone they care about]]

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