Scratch and sniff pictures of actresses' feet would completely change the publishing industry, amirite?

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Quentin is that you?

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Well I've heard it all now thanks!

Thanks for the idea.

But in all seriousness, those of you who are like me thinking "that's so weird", welcome to the human race. I sadly cannot say at least a million of the world's people wouldn't enjoy this.

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Why would anyone want to smell an actor's feet

@Hatchadi Why would anyone want to smell an actor's feet

Actress's feet

A woman's feet contain her essence

@fragsworth What the heck does that even mean? You are weird

A woman's feet contain her essence. To experience a woman's essence, you must, see, touch, smell, and taste her feet

Essence is the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something

@Mrtechnohawk You are a fricking weirdo. Get some help

I'm sorry that you can't appreciate a woman's essence. Some of us are born with the gift and others are not

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