Somewhere in the world at least one person had a vision of how the world ends or how the future might be but they brushed it off as a dream. amirite?

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For some reason, I've always had dreams of celebrities and other notable individuals dying right before they do. Ed Asner just died, but two weeks ago I dreamt it. Robin Williams died a week after I dreamt it. My wife bought me a miniature replica Eddie Van Halen guitar. That night, I dreamt he died, and he died a few days later. I dreamt the death of George HW Bush. Osama bin Laden. The list goes on.

It's at a point now when I tell my wife that so-and-so is going to die, and when that person does die, she jokes that I should have bet money. But how do you bet money on something like that?

I also dream about regular people dying. In fact, I can't ever remember having a dream in which someone, famous or not, hasn't died. When it comes to the faces I recognize, I've never been wrong; my predictions are 100% accurate. It still unnerves me.

Well idk who knows about how the world ends, but the guy who had an accurate vision about the afterlife is Doug Forcett

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